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Vaillant Turbomax Diaphragm 010365 01-0365 Was 010357


This part fits the fiollowing boilers:

Vaillant TURBOmax VUW 242 E (1995-1999)
Vaillant TURBOmax VUW 242/1E (1998-2001)
Vaillant TURBOmax VUW 282 E (1995-1999)
Vaillant TURBOmax VUW 282/1E (1998-2001)
Vaillant VUW 242 E (1995-1999)
Vaillant VUW 242/1 E (1998-2001)
Vaillant VUW 282 E (1995-1999)
Vaillant VUW 282/1 E (1998-2001)

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This part is based around the diverter valve section. The diverter valve is directional water mechanism that only appears in combi boilers. It allows the hot water to be redirected to the central heating system (radiators, etc.) or to the DHW system (taps, etc.). This feature is what makes a combi boiler so popular due to the fact that a combi boiler wouldn’t require a cylinder to provide heating and hot water.

This part is present in 8 different boilers in the Vaillant range including the Vaillant TURBOmax VUW 282/1E , TURBOmax VUW 282 E , TURBOmax VUW 242/1E , TURBOmax VUW 242 E , VUW 242 E .

We recommend that all parts are fitted by a fully qualified gas safe certified plumber.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 0.3 cm