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The thermistor increases the circuit resistance as it gets colder The printed circuit board sends a current to the thermistor and can tell whether an increase or decrease in temperature is needed by the relative resistance in the thermistor.

We recommend that all parts are fitted by a fully qualified gas safe certified engineer.


Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.4 × 1.5 cm

This part fits

Ferroli TEMPRA 30
Ferroli TEMPRA 24
Ferroli TEMPRA 43435
Ferroli MODENA 102/1 MF03
Ferroli MODENA 102 MF03
Ferroli MODENA 80/1 MF03.1
Ferroli MODENA 80 E MF01
Ferroli MODENA 80 E MF02
Ferroli MODENA 80 E MF03
Ferroli F24 E
Ferroli F30 E
Ferroli FALCON
Ferroli FALCON II -5.2001
Ferroli FALCON II -10.2
Ferroli DOMINA 80 N
Ferroli DOMINA 80 N DGT
Ferroli DOMINA 80 E (MF01)
Ferroli DOMINA 80 E (MF02)
Ferroli DOMINA 80 E (MF03)